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Dieter Guicking
Akademischer Oberrat a.D.
Drittes Physikalisches Institut
der Universität Göttingen
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Göttingen
Tel.: +49-551-39-7713
FAX: +49-551-39-7720
E-Mail: Dieter.Guicking(at)phys.uni-goettingen.de

This page in German

Welcome to my homepage!

I was born 1935 and spent my schooldays in Bad Pyrmont, a small spa in Lower Saxony. Since 1955 I studied physics at the University of Göttingen (Germany): first exam in 1958, "Diplom" (corr. Master's Thesis) 1963 and Doctorate 1966, both with experimental work on dynamic-mechanical properties of highpolymers, performed at the Drittes Physikalisches Institut whose director was the late Erwin Meyer. In 1966 I became "Wissenschaftlicher Assistent" (corr. Assistent Professor) at the same Institute, and from 1971 through my retirement in 1998 "Akademischer Rat/Oberrat," a tenured position related to quite a lot of administrative work, but which gave me also the possibility of doing independent research and teaching. I am grateful not only to Erwin Meyer (retired 1967), but also to his successors Manfred R. Schroeder (until 1991) and finally Werner Lauterborn for providing my colleagues and me a demanding, yet friendly atmosphere with excellent cooperation between the research groups which covered unconventionally widespread fields. The subjects of my own group were underwater sound, model computations on biological circadian rhythms, and since 1978 mainly coherent-active control of sound fields and mechanical vibrations. I have supervised 40 Diploma Theses, 16 Doctorate Theses, and 3 Theses for prospective highschool teachers ("Staatsexamensarbeiten").

The photo was taken for a publication in J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 95 (1994) 1171 after the Acoustical Society had elected me a Fellow in appreciation mainly of our work on active impedance control.

The publication list of my research group can be looked at. The textbook E. Meyer/D. Guicking: "Schwingungslehre" (Vieweg 1974) became a standard reference book on the physics of vibration for German students. A new book on the same subject "Schwingungen - Theorie und Anwendungen in Mechanik, Akustik, Elektrik und Optik" has been published by the Springer-Verlg in 2016. A bibliography on "Active Noise and Vibration Control" was distributed worldwide since 1985 in several 100 copies. The 5th edition was completed in December 2008 and is published as CD ROM, comprising 14420 citations with keywords.

I have often been asked to give overview talks on active systems. An English text is ANVC Overview (a German equivalent is ANVC-Überblick).

I have also prepared ANVC Patent Overviews and ANVC patent bibliographies on CD ROM, for the last time 2009 with information on more than 5700 patents in 2060 patent families. The CD ROMs offer comfortable retrieval programs which my son Axel Arne has developed.

For age and space reasons, my wife and I have decided to sell most of our scientific books, among them still many from the estate of the late Erwin Meyer. A list is available as text file. If you are interested, please contact me.

Originally for my own needs, I have compiled a list of abbreviations from any fields of interest to me. The listing is obviously also of interest to others, it provides bilingual comments (German/English) to many entries. It can be looked at as html file or pdf file.

In 2012, I have written a biography of Erwin Meyer, the leading German acoustician of his time: in German and English. The German version has also been published as a book: Universitätsverlag Göttingen 2012, ISBN 978-3-86395-059-0. The book is also free available online.

An overview of the work on underwater acoustics at the DPI since 1947 has been published as a book chapter [1].

The German version of this homepage shows a link for those who have fun with spoonerism ("Schüttelreime"), however all but one in German.

In 1968 I married Erwin Meyer's daughter Angelika (she wrote a Ph.D. Thesis in Biology on circadian rhythms which startled my interest in this field). We have three children: Sonja, Daniela and Axel Arne, two granddaughters Clara and Elina (from Sonja), and two grandsons Sven and Joris (from Daniela). When I am not busy at my desktop or doing manual repair work in our house, you may sometimes find me over my stamp collection - a hobby to which I stick since I was ten years old. I am still looking for exchange partners, I have many duplicate stamps mainly from post-war Germany.

[1] D. Guicking: Research on Underwater Acoustics in Göttingen. In: N. Xiang and G.M. Sessler (eds.): Acoustics, Information, and Communication - Memorial Volume in Honor of Manfred R. Schroeder, Chapter 13, pp. 241-276. Springer-Verlag 2014, ISBN 978-3-319-05659-3.

Dieter Guicking